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Vibetec Inc.
260 Collinge Road
Hinton, AB T7V 1L3
Email: contact@vibetec.com

Phone: (780) 817-2233
Mobile: (780) 920-1760
Fax: (780) 817-2236


Vibetec concentrates on accurately predicting rotating equipment problems, performing in-situ dynamic balancing and resolving ergonomic issues.

Vibetec is geared to root cause analysis and correction in the most professional manner using dynamic signal analyzers with accelerometers capable of measurements from 0.5 to 20,000 Hz or other suitable sensors for on-site vibration data acquisition.

With our combination of RBM (Reliability-Based Maintenance) software, FFT spectrum analyzers, our experience with many classes of machines, and knowledge acquired with on-site dynamic measurements, result in a prompt solution to vibration problems and an end to failures.

Vibetec's vibration analysts are generally available within 24 hrs. They are well trained in data collection, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, electrical/mechanical discipline, and customer consultation. They will collect and process data with your machinery operating in its normal environment, with no equipment shutdown or disassembly.

Vibetec Inc. Is an authorized distributer for NanopreciseSC. Please see the full brochure here for further information.