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Vibration Myths

"We don't have a vibration problem"
"vibration" is not a problem - it is a physical manifestation of machinery imperfection. It is used to help find obvious and subtle deviations in machines. No machine runs perfect.

"Balance that machine"
This is a request that is made before a condition of imbalance is established. It is not just a matter of semantics either. If in fact, the machine is imbalanced, corrective action can be taken and the machine can operate within tolerances. If it is not imbalanced, the vibration analyst will advise the corrective action but cannot use the analyzer to fix the problem directly. It is a matter of expectations and in some cases, disillusionment.

"That machine is fine - we've just changed the bearings"
This is stated as a reason for not analyzing a machine. Bearings do fail. After a certain amount of time, maybe a month, maybe a decade, bearings will finally succumb to slight or severe wear criteria and will fail. Assuming however that bearing replacement is the final solution, is a folly.

The bearing replacement trap occurs when the old bearings are noisy or fail. The millwrights are charged with replacing them and the new ones are now quiet - problem solved? Wrong!

Bearing failure could be an indication of the natural expected life of the bearing itself but it should send alarm bells that this is a primary candidate for analysis. The failure could be the manifestation of the mechanical deviations in a machine that could be corrected if one were to know about them. Also, the best time to get a vibration profile for future comparisons are when the machine has been reconditioned. This helps to find any inherent fault in the machine as well as determine if the work performed on it was done to specification. Also, remember the best programs are the ones that have the most historical information.

"That machine always runs like that"
And it always will until you fix it! Vibration analysis can tell you how.

"When it fails, we repair it"
The fact is, the machine will fail at its discretion (if it had any) and not to your schedule. When it fails, it will cause secondary damage. The parts for many machines must be kept on hand ahead of time to minimize the time it takes to repair. Plant production will cease. Personnel will be reallocated.On The Other Hand, a more constructive approach leads to efficient, cost effective action.

"We replace worn parts before they fail"
Using vibration analysis, you have a list of "invisible" anomalies. This list will show problems long before failure which will allow repairs to be scheduled during off hours. Problems with bearings are detected long before they fail so that other associated mechanical components are unaffected. Parts are not seized, no shafts are broken so the repairs are done in a fraction of the time. During repairs, other machines that have impending problems detected with vibration monitoring can be corrected. The parts have been ordered as needed.