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Dynamic balancing

Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unacceptable levels of noise and, more importantly, substantially reduce the life of shaft bearings. Hence, the ideal would be to remove all causes of vibration and run the unit totally "smooth". Unfortunately, in practice, the ideal cannot be achieved and, whatever one does, some inherent cause of vibration, or unbalance, will remain. The best one can do is to reduce this unbalance to a level that will not adversely affect the bearing life and will reduce noise levels to an acceptable level.

Unbalance is the most common source of machine faults in rotating masses (i.e. fans, pumps, motors, chucks and spindles). Field balancing is the most economical method to correct unbalance in a completely assembled machine.

Dynamic Balancing

    The advantages of field balancing are:
  • Life expectancy of a machine is maintained
  • Disassembly and transport of rotors is not required
  • Mountings and operating aspects are taken into account   once on site.